How to Knit Slouchy Beanie Hats

by irtiza104

Knit Celebrity Slouchy Beanies for the Family

Knit Celebrity Slouchy Beanies for the Family

Slouchy beanie hat is different kinds of hats which vary from other hats in look, size and style. These hats are called Slouchy as they can be spread out and Beanie because their shapes are quite similar to beans. Slouchy Beanie hats are embodiments of casual style, worn by celebrities as well as simple people. Stands as an ideal accessory, Slouchy Beanie hats are worn when we don’t have time to style our hair. These hats come into best usage when we are in relaxed mood on weekends and other off days. To knit Slouchy Beanie hats, Double Pointed Needles (DPNs) using wool are used as a raw material. That’s why, these hats are much comfortable to use. Here, I would give description on how to knit Slouchy Beanie Hats.

To knit Slouchy Beanie one would require wool, knitting needles, scissors and large eye blunt needle. Cast three Double Pointed Needles (DPNs) to use them as the base of your hat. Then use worsted weight wool, size US-8 needles and cast exactly 60 stitches. You should divide your stitches evenly betwixt the three DPNs and knit two-by-two ribbing around every round for 2 inches. This would be the top portion of your hat and it would be warmly fit around your head. Keep stitching in every round and then begin to increase your stitches. In the beginning round, knit 9 stitches and knit in front and back of the next stitch to make the increase. Continue this pattern around for the next three increase rounds. Each time you make an increase round, you would add one more stitch before the increase of your pattern. Knit evenly around for the next 20 rounds. This means you will knit a stitch for every round. Thus your bottom portion of the hat is completed. Move back to the top to complete it. You have to follow decrease formula for the top. You would need to decrease in the same way as you increased except the procedure of knitting the front and back. Knit backwards from the way you increased and continue to decrease your stitches every other round. Continue decreasing until you have fewer than ten stitches left on your needles. Then cut your working wool to make a 15-inch tail. Thread this tail onto a large eye blunt needle and loop it inside of the stitches that you have left. Then decrease the stitches off the knitting needles and pull the wool tightly like a drawstring. Lastly, you have to pull the working wool into the inside of the hat, weave in your ends and tie a bind.

That’s all about knitting slouchy beanie and it’s ready to be worn. I hope the post helped you to know more about your favorite Slouchy beanie hat!

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